Hi, I'm Ashok.

An enthusiastic Product Designer passionate about Design Thinking and the inspiring methodology Design Sprint. I’ve worked on projects of all sizes. I enjoy collaborating with people from different background, and solving complex problems together.

Case Studies


A network for Sales Professionals and Distributors.

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Digital Studio

A flatplanning and DP software built for publishers.

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A technology-driven brokerage (stock trading) application.

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Marketing Manager

Lead management and marketing automation software.

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eMagazine is a digital replica of print magazine.

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Sydney Harbour

Sydney’s premiere luxury boat charter & events agency

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"The system adapts to the user and not the opposite"
User Centered Design


Early focus on users, tasks, and environment
Structured and systematic information gathering. Users are involved throughout design and development.

Empirical measurement and testing
Testing with real users. Focus on ease of learning and ease of use.

Iterative design
Design, test with users, refine, test with users again, refine... until it's right.


  • Pencil, Paper, Post-its & Photoshop
  • Axure RP, InVisionApp, Optimizely (A/B), Webflow


HTML, CSS, Sass, PostCSS, BEM Coding Standards, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, ReactJS


  • Visual Studio Code, VI
  • Git, NPM, Composer, Gulp


  • VR & AR, Voice UID


Product Design
User Centered Design
Human–computer interaction (HCI)
Intuitive and Flat Designs


Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A)
Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A)